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How to Calculate a Calculate W-2 Wages from a Paystub

A W-2 is a form that shows all the taxes that have been deducted from your wages in a whole year. On the other hand, a paystub is the paycheck that you are given by your bosses every time that you get your payments. Some things are included in the paystub like the deductions that have been made out of your total earnings. Most people will use the W-2 forms to make their tax returns. In case you do not have a W-2 you may still get a way to calculate the wages. The information in your paystubs can help you do that. This article shows some of the ways that can be used to calculate W-2 wages from a paystub.

Before you start calculating your W-2 wages from your paystub you will have to calculate your gross income. The calculation of the gross income is critical. This is the total earnings that you have made without any deductions. One good way of coming to this is to multiply an employee’s rate of work per hour with the number of weeks that they have been working. All this information will be in the paystub. The paystub contains additional information that may relate to the add on such as the commissions, the overtimes, and the bonuses.

The second strategy that can be used to calculate W-2 wages from a paystub at is to deduct non-taxable wages. Immediately after knowing your gross incomes you will have to get these deductions. They are incomes that cannot be taxed. You will have to add them then deduct from the total incomes that you make.

Thirdly, you will have to be able to explain all the deductions that are made. Some people may get pretax deductions. They will lead to you having a decreased taxable income. The health insurance, the employer benefits, and the retirement accounts are some of the deductions that may have taken place before the taxes are deducted. The totals of these deductions should be found and deducted from the amount that was received after deduction of the non-taxable wages.

The next step is to find your yearly taxes. You will have to calculate the amount that you pay as taxes to any form of government.

Lastly, you will have to calculate your W-2 earnings at You should group all the taxes in one place. They should then be subtracted from the total amount that was received after all the deductions were made. The result that you get is the W-2 wages at .

All the steps that have been discussed above are essential for any person who wants to get their W-2 wages from a paystub. Make sure to check this website at and learn more about paystubs.

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